Filmscreening: Furlough (2020); 3:55min

By Gabriele Garavaglia and Milriam Laura Leonard; sound by Rafael Skoczek aka Lumpex

Furlough is a government-imposed temporary layoff. In a deserted town, an aircraft pilot forced to ground, his lover and a third anonymous aerial participant, meet behind the erotic fences of a forbidden park. Compelled to stay in their own four walls, they decide to break the protocol and by trespassing what is usually common ground they appropriate the abandoned public space as if it was their own, an intimate and boundless wild place to venture into. Observed from of a third technological and remote eye which seemingly tries to interact with them although inapt of any physical contact, the couple is making out on the mowed lawn. While she disarrays his official uniform a bird discloses on her chest.