Film screening: REDISTRIBUTION, 2019 / 82min / DCP

Director: Seth Price

From its inception as documentation of Price’s now-classic 2007 lecture-performance at the Guggenheim Museum, and through years of subsequent re-editing and mutation, this film became a way for him to explore the nature of documentary film, story-telling and the impulse to make meaning. By continuously updating Redistribution, almost like a piece of software, Price has retained the original structure of an introduction to some of art’s fundamental questions, while saturating it with new themes in reaction to changes in his own practice and the culture. It now carries some of the long-standing questions of video art and performance, but also evokes the mania of CGI, the high-tech spectacle of the TedTalk, and the nonlinear frenzy of the Internet. Over the years the film has been presented in eight distinct versions, of which the most current version will be screened.

The current, wildly heterogeneous and nonlinear iteration includes investigations into early cinema; digitally-animated, endlessly-blossoming flowers and flying pencils; new theories about a painting by Bruegel; a short history of plastics; speculations on the cave paintings at Lascaux; a feature on Price’s 2012 fashion show at the art exhibition documenta; ghost stories and more.

Programmed by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen for schwarzescafé at Luma Westbau.